Dance Jazz was a different development of classical ballet. This technique originated in the United States in the 1940s and is characterized by the freedom of the individual. Powered by different techniques: classical, modern, folk, popular and primitive, it uses stylized gestures and a freedom of movement that contrasts with the rigorous academic ballet. Strongly connected to the musical rhythm, the angular gestures of Modern/Jazz are explored on the accents of different styles of music. The explosion of the jazz music allowed an important evolution and dynamic of this modern technique for this era that uses it extensively while the classical ballet is only used on music from earlier composers.


Wednesday: 15.15 NG BEGINNERS 7 - 8 years

Wednesday 16.30 NG 9 - 11 Teen

Wednesday: 17.00 NP teen 12-14

Wednesday 18.00 NP teadults medium

Wednesday: 19.00 NP adults

Wednesday 20.00 NP /adults 1


Tuesday 16.15 youth beginners 8 - 10 years

17.15 /teen 11 - 13 years

18.15 teen old students