The CENTRE DE BALLET, founded in Geneva by Jean Martinelli, in 1972, is a member of the Fédération Suisse des Ecoles de danse (FSED) which was created by himself in 1992 together with a few other dance school directors. He was president of the Association des Ecoles de Danse de Genève for several years.

The full program of the new season should delight everyone from age 5 and will give to all the opportunity to practice their favorite type of dance.

At the age of 5, children can start dancing. The class is called INITIATION. Taught progressively and in a playful way, this first class teaches awareness of the body,rhythm, musicality and movement. This very entertaining class last 55 minutes and prepares the children for any type of dance.

From 8-9 years old, the pupils will be advised if possible to practice twice a week, in order to increase their interest in dance. Practicing twice or three times a week will boost the evolution, the technic and the improvement of the students. They may also approach other dance technics/ styles (see program).

Determination, will and humility are essential qualities nowdays taught in the dance practice.


Thereafter, the students who are talented and motivated , will be asked to audition for the Jeune Ballet (JBM) if their artistic qualities allows it. They will get a study program which could allow them to join a professional training school if they wish so. Indeed, a private dance school cannot provide complete and sufficient training for a student in order to join a professional ballet company.

However, the Centre de Ballet offers a wide range of dance classes taught by professional teachers.

In addition to the academic ballet training we teach contemporary dance, modern jazz, funky jazz, hip hop , break dance, oriental dance, tap and musical.

There are several levels whithin each type of dance. The improvement depends on the individual abilities of the student and on the amount of workout per week.

The STUDIO DE LA FORME focuses on the the body and the mind. Get in shape with the body strengthening class and the zumba workout ! 

The students of the Centre de Ballet perform every year four shows at the Theatre de Nyon Marens and in Coppet at the Theatre de Terre Sainte.

This season we offer new type of dance classes :

  • Street Jazz
  • Musical



Performances this season will take place at:

  • Nyon